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Emily Moak
Senior Director of Sales
Dallas, TX (January 4, 2019) – Axiom officials are excited to announce the addition of Emily Moak as a new Sales Executive with Axiom Sales Force Development, effective January 2, 2019. Emily has established herself as a high-energy influencer and relationship driver during a diverse career that spans 15 years and includes selling integrated solutions to higher education institutions and financial services organizations.
The hire is a coup for Axiom, which is already a leader in helping sales professionals grow their teams through smart, simple, and precise sales coaching and other strategic solutions that are measurable and drive lasting results. Emily said she is eager to add to that pristine legacy of enlightened learning and inspired selling.
“I’ve always valued sales coaching and mentoring,” Moak said. “What made me decide to come here is the people, to be completely honest with you. I have a strong belief in what we can provide sales organizations because I’ve seen what it has done in my career.”
More about Emily
A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University School of Law, Emily comes to Axiom with experience as both an individual contributor and manager. Her expertise is vast and includes high-level consultative sales, new client generation, product launches, sales team management, strategic planning, and new business development.
Prior to Axiom, she was the Business Development Director of Strategic Higher Education Accounts for Allianz Partners, the No. 1 consumer specialty insurance and assistance company in the world. It was there that she spent three years launching their tuition insurance business. Before that, Emily worked in the bar prep review division at Kaplan Test Prep for 12 years, where she helped students pass the bar exam as well as working in sales and sales management.
“Emily’s 15 years of experience leading high performing sales teams and consistently exceeding her own sales targets will be a tremendous asset as she helps our clients reach their growth goals while expanding Axiom’s business,” said Andy Smith, Senior Vice President in Sales and Marketing for Axiom Sales Force Development.