The Guide To Sustaining The Impact of Sales Training

The Guide To Sustaining The Impact of Sales Training

Are you ready to ensure your salespeople consistently use newly learned skills?

Guide to Sustaining Impact of Sales Training from AXIOM www.axiomsfd.comMany companies invest heavily in the training and development of their sales professionals. Their teams attend training and learn new skills, but rarely do they continue to implement those techniques for very long.

In fact, within 30 days, most will forget the majority of what they learned altogether.

So how can you ensure the consistent use of new sales skills?

In “The Guide to Sustaining the Impact of Sales Training,” we teamed up with to research how organizations sustain their sales training, by:

  • Comparing the practices, technologies, tools, and evaluation methods used by various companies
  • Highlighting the differences between those considered effective and ineffective at sales coaching.

By examining these differences, sales and learning leaders can pinpoint areas for improvement within their own sales training programs and improve them accordingly.

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