Change the nature of the conversation to have customers want to talk to your salespeople

The seller’s role has changed

The AXIOM Inspired Selling Methodology moves reps away from trying to sell to a buyer and guides them toward adding value to help customers make the right buying decision.

Sellers and customers want to have more insightful conversations. But without a proven process for driving lasting change, you end up with time out of the field and a hole in your budget. The obstacles are numerous…

  • No proven behavior model to believe in and commit to

  • Limited availability to coaching

  • Poor results from traditional training methods

  • Few learning assets and reinforcement tools

  • Lack of visibility into learning, adoption, and impact

With the AXIOM Solution

  • Implement a behavior model that covers the entire sales process from prospecting to managing major accounts

  • Introduce new skills and behaviors, and reinforce them within Salesforce.com as part of an ongoing learning retention and improvment process

  • Deploy a learning model structured to fit how people actually learn, and adjust it to fit into new hire training, ongoing staff development, and changes to your ongoing business cycle

  • The applications reps use to work opportunities and account plans are designed to reflect and support the skills and behaviors they are mastering

  • Sales managers become certified sales coaches and have the tools, processes and learning assets to work directly with sellers to continuously improve adoption of the behavior model

  • Automatically track teaching, progress, and mastery to identify what areas need to be improved and the impact it’s having on sales performance

  • Have a systematic approach to deliver continuous learning and improvement

The AXIOM Inspired Selling Methodology teaches sellers how to become trusted advisors, to uncover valuable information earlier in the sales process, and develop a higher level of influence.


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Peter Karlsson - SVP Global Sales - Commscope
"The reason our sales team has been so successful is partly because of the AXIOM Process that we implement on a day to day basis... Excellent Sales Process + Excellent Sales People = Infinite Sales Potential."
Ralph Ruby
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