Turn Information into Insight to increase your Influence & Impact

Increase insight, influence, and impact with your strategic accounts.

Turn information into actionable insights that enable account managers, and their teams, to expand their influence by broadening your relationships and their perceptions of your organization. Create a consistent and common strategy and action plan to grow account loyalty.   Execute your plan and measure your elevated impact with the account.  And prioritize the growth opportunities that matter to your account and your organization.

With the AXIOM Account Planning and Management Solution Account Managers, and their teams, will be able to:

  • Develop actionable insights that differentiate them from the competition
  • Expand and strengthen their relationships in complex, rapidly changing accounts
  • Create a common language, approach, and measure of success for account teams
  • Ensure the proper balance of strategic vs. tactical thinking
  • Apply better critical thinking when identifying & prioritizing growth opportunities
  • Raise the visibility and accountability for execution of the account plan
  • Elevate sales coaching impact & efficiency during account reviews


Axiom's Account Planning & Management Workshop - 1 or 2 Days

Objective:  Account managers, or their teams, develop a draft plan for one of their key accounts.

Topical Agenda
- How businesses make decisions
- Conducting a SWOT analysis
- White Space Analysis
- Opportunity Prioritization heat map
- Opportunity pipelines and win-probability predictor
- Account Health Scorecard
- Account Objectives, Strategies, and Actions- short and long term
- Measuring progress

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"The basic framework of the AXIOM Process has allowed me to establish a clear process to selling with the flexibility to navigate any conversation. As a result of practice and consistent implementation, I have been able measure my results and therefore know where I need to improve..."
Walter Costner
“As a marketing coordinator, I learned a tremendous amount about Account Manager’s position and skills.”
Jenny Howell, Verizon
“I will be a better Account Manager because of the skills I learned.” 
Efrain Algarin, Verizon

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