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24 Jan by Bob Nicols

Suppose I say to you, "I need new glasses," and then I ask you for suggestions. What are you likely to say in reply?

We actually ask this question early on in our workshops. We get thoughtful, earnest answers. One participant may ask whether we need prescription lenses or just reading glasses. Another may suggest we check out the local Lens Crafters. A third will give us the number of his cousin the ophthalmologist.

All of them, in good faith and with a real desire to help, will bring their individual solutions to bear on what they see as our problem. All of them, without fail, believe that the problem prompting the comment is poor eyesight - and, they're ready with solutions perfectly tailored to address it.

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17 Jan by Bob Nicols

I was having work done to the exterior of my car the week before last. While there I struck up an interesting conversation with the owner of the company doing the work.

I expressed an interest in how the company produced the quality of work for which they were known. With excitement, he invited me back to his shop to watch a car run through his facility.

The process this organization implemented for doing their work fascinated me. Every step in the process was logical and clearly defined. Each department and individual had assigned responsibilities; each executed their part of the process with exacting precision. The result was flawless work.

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08 Dec by Suzanne Franks

On a recent flight, I found myself annoyed at all of the pre-flight safety announcements. I simply wished that this continuous droning being blasted from the speaker over my head would cease so I could concentrate on my book.

As I began to look around at the other passengers, I realized that I wasn't alone; very few people were paying attention. While there is no doubt that the message had potential benefits should we find ourselves in need of securing our own oxygen masks or turning the seat cushion into a flotation device, it simply wasn't resonating with the majority of the passengers.

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29 Nov by Bob Nicols

"To a man with an ax," says an old African proverb, "everything looks like a tree."

A corollary observation might be: "If you've got an ax in your hand, all you notice is trees." That's fine if your customer's problem is trees that need chopping. If it's something else - anything else - approaching him with an ax might not be your best strategy.

There is a tendency for salespeople investigating an opportunity to focus first, and often exclusively, on problems they know their company is specifically equipped to solve.

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27 Oct by Bob Nicols

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting at the company where you work that had no set objective or agenda?

You know the meetings I'm talking about.

Yep, THOSE meetings. We ALL know they happen way too often. How do those meetings go? How do you feel when you leave? Are those meetings productive?

Chances are, the answer is no. They rarely are.

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