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28 Feb by Ed McAdoo

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You went through a process to select a CRM suite, then you hired the recommended Systems Integrator (SI) to configure and customize it according to your requirements, (the ones you put together while you were implementing it).

You also have a few sales reps who've been through some sales training classes and some that haven't, but they all perform inconsistently.

Your marketing department is off doing their own thing with your website (using a web agency they selected), spending loads of money on trade shows, and spamming your prospects with tons of email (and your reps are still complaining about leads).

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21 Feb by Ray Bonis

I have a very common request from sales leaders.

Recently I was speaking with a client in Beijing. This manager said they really needed our help in the area of time management.

This got me thinking about other areas sales professionals need to focus on, and how they relate to time management.

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16 Feb by Ray Bonis

"Show me the money!"

Unlike Jerry Maguire, as sellers, this should be a well-placed, tactical question, not a desperate statement being screamed into a phone to save our last client.

Now granted, in the movie Tom Cruise wasn't really asking a question at all but trying to appease his quirky client. For sales professionals in the qualifying phase of the sales cycle, however, "Show me the money" is a critical question and translates into "Do you have the budget for this solution?"

Unfortunately, questions about budget seem to be among the most difficult to ask, but they are essential selling skills if we're going to work efficiently, bring value to our prospects, and qualify opportunities faster.

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02 Feb by Suzanne Franks

The Paradox of Choice.

With so many media choices available, how do local businesses' choose what's best?

I recently attended a BIA/Kesley webinar entitled Local Media Sales Performance. The webinar reviewed the findings from a survey they conducted with local media sales reps across a wide array of media.

While there was a considerable amount of interesting information regarding the increasingly complex life of local media sales consultants, I kept coming back to one thought—"The Paradox of Choice"—and not only its' effects on the local media consultant, but more importantly, the effect on the local businesses they serve.

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26 Jan by Ed McAdoo

You most likely remember the Mayhem GPS commercial.

"I'm your GPS. Turn right up ahead. You never update me. So now, I just have to
wing it. I meant, turn left up ahead. Recalculating. TURN RIGHT NOW!" followed by a colossal wreck involving multiple vehicles.

Maps are integral to the sales methodology and processes used to reach the desired business result. Maps show us what exists, as well as the relationships between a place and the world around it. They explain how a part fits into a bigger picture. They also represent ideas and a form of reality, demonstrate boundaries, depict characteristics, and visualize other intangibles such as history and relationships.

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