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03 May by Rick Smith, CEO

AXIOM Sales Force Development, a leader in sales productivity improvement and helping organizations maximize their revenue opportunities, today announced the appointment of Brian Kludas as Vice President of Client Success. Brian will direct the company’s commitment to providing world-class service to its clients, working with them to understand their challenges and drive ROI to achieve critical business goals.

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23 Feb by Ed McAdoo


When a sales cycle shortens from six months down to three weeks and sales numbers increase suddenly, people are going to take notice.

This is what was rumored to be happening in Southern California. A relatively new Associate Director of a Small Business Team in Los Angeles that had been struggling was suddenly blowing numbers out of the water.

Beginning in October of that year, the AD saw his two SMB teams in Los Angeles struggling to perform. Their numbers were down and unacceptable to him. So he decided to fix this using AXIOM's Selling Sciences sales process (SSP).

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14 Feb by Bob Nicols

If you haven't read CSO Insights' Sales Management Optimization Key Trends Analysis, you should. As always, it's a fascinating read.

One of my favorite reports begins with a quote shared at a CSO Summit by Jay Vanderbree, Senior Vice President, Home Entertainment Sales and Marketing at LG Electronics. He stated:

"The goal of sales leaders is to create more leaders, not followers."



Jay further qualified this statement by saying this was regardless of “role or rank” in the sales leadership hierarchy. If nothing else, this quote should cause us all to stop and think.

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01 Nov by Bob Sanders

It seems like everyone is talking about sales stages these days.

Triggered learning, content delivery, playbooks, and activities all associated with the opportunity stage.

But is that really meaningful? In many cases, the answer is no.

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19 Jul by Bob Nicols

Should sales managers be compensated based on the performance of their team? According to over 1700 respondents to CSO Insight's Sales Management Optimization Key Trends Survey, the majority believes so. I also support the majority's position.

Unfortunately, I don't necessarily support what parts of the sales team's performance the majority of organizations compensate managers. Of those people and companies surveyed, 62.6% of sales managers were measured and compensated on their team's attainment of quota, 51.8% were compensated for the individual quota attainment for each rep, and 28.5% on their reps maintaining margins.

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