Sisyphus and Account Management

As account managers, at some point, we’ve all felt like Sisyphus. In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was condemned to an eternal punishment of rolling a massive boulder up a large hill, only to have it roll back down to the bottom just as he neared the top.

Now think about this as it applies to your account management practices…

  • How much of your time is spent on ideas for expanding an account that are grown out of your own organization’s initiatives?
  • When you give presentations outlining the benefits of new products, solutions, or services, how often do they fall flat?
  • How many internal planning meetings have you attended that outline great impact for your clients, but no action is taken?

This is where we can truly relate to the struggle of Sisyphus. The sheer amount of effort, time, and endurance required to repeat those actions over and over and over again…

You may have unintentionally become a Sisyphus Account Manager… but it’s a fixable problem!

The reason we find ourselves in this position is quite often the result of well-intentioned account management processes. We strive to help our customers, to look for new ways to help their businesses grow, and to bring new ideas to the table. This is the foundation of great relationships with clients.

 So how do we change from well-intentioned efforts that make us feel like Sisyphus, to truly effective efforts that drive great results and impact for our clients? It requires us to constantly put our accounts under the looking glass.


Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.40.47 PM
  • Information analysis – What do we know and need to know?
  • Insight – What insights have we gained from what we have learned and need to learn?
  • Influence – How much influence do we have, what improvements can we make, and how do we leverage that influence?
  • Impact – How can we impact their business?

If you feel like Sisyphus, you are not alone. The key to getting out of an ineffective and repetitive cycle with your accounts is to release your hold on the boulder you think is important to you and focus on what matters to your customer.

Let's talk about account management in your organization.

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Brian Kludas, VP of Client Success

For the past 15 years, Brian Kludas has been directly involved in developing, executing, and managing sales excellence initiatives in a variety of industries. Brian's success has come through dedicated service to clients and a focus on improving seller and leader effectiveness through coaching and development. Having served in sales, sales leadership, operations, coaching, and training, Brian brings a unique blend of technical knowledge, program design, project management, and operational efficiency to the Axiom team. Brian is currently the Senior Director of Client Success. Brian is proud of the impact he makes on his clients' success. He's also proud of his accomplishments as a dedicated father, husband, and friend. Whether coaching youth sports, mountain biking, camping in the Arizona desert, being MC at community events, or even doing occasional stand up comedy routines, Brian loves a challenge.

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