Bicycle Kicks & Sales Coaching

I feel like now is as good a time as any to make the jaw-dropping confession that I am addicted to soccer. I play it, coach it, and even enjoy watching my kids play it. I love soccer so much that I bought a stand for my IPad a while back that sits above my laptop so I can do video conferences for Axiom and occasionally watch World Cup games at the same time.

It’s actually a pretty cool set up, and until now, no one had a clue. I know. I have a big problem. But there’s a point to me sharing this with you.

One of the reasons why I love soccer so much is because it is both strategic and tactical, and being really good at every aspect of the game requires applying both those skills in a very precise way. The most obvious example is the bicycle kick. We’ve all seen the bicycle kick and wondered how on earth they do it.

Well, I can tell you it’s not a decision the player makes or even thinks about beforehand. It’s a reaction based on years of experience and practice – not to mention a myriad of factors such as the ball being at the right height and trajectory, and the player being in the right position.

When you apply that to sales coaching and sales skills in general, sales leaders should be trying to get to a position where their ability to be an expert sales coach is the equivalent of executing a game-changing bicycle kick.

• Instinctual

• Knowing the process better than anyone

• And tons of practice that leads to precise execution

Sales coaches need expert coaches, too. Just like we wrote about in last week’s blog, coaching doesn’t have to be this massive endeavor that takes us away from doing what we really want to do. It’s merely a conversation, and the more masterful we become in our coaching efforts, the easier it is to apply to any situation.

Like the player who can execute a bicycle kick – they aren’t thinking about it before they do it. They are at a point where they are executing on a higher level. It’s natural and reactionary. And when coaching becomes natural, everyone wins.

So how do we execute better as sales leaders and coaches?

  • Constant practice and role-playing alone and with your team
  • Being aware that there are areas you can improve upon as a coach
  • Find an expert coach (nobody becomes great at anything without someone coaching them – even in coaching).

One of the things we offer at Axiom that is unique is expert coaches for sales coaches. They are integral members of our staff and will come in, observe sales leaders in their environment, and coach them to execute on a higher level.

Just don’t expect to be able to do a bicycle kick afterward. That’s a different coach altogether.

Brian Kludas, VP of Client Success

For the past 15 years, Brian Kludas has been directly involved in developing, executing, and managing sales excellence initiatives in a variety of industries. Brian's success has come through dedicated service to clients and a focus on improving seller and leader effectiveness through coaching and development. Having served in sales, sales leadership, operations, coaching, and training, Brian brings a unique blend of technical knowledge, program design, project management, and operational efficiency to the Axiom team. Brian is currently the Senior Director of Client Success. Brian is proud of the impact he makes on his clients' success. He's also proud of his accomplishments as a dedicated father, husband, and friend. Whether coaching youth sports, mountain biking, camping in the Arizona desert, being MC at community events, or even doing occasional stand up comedy routines, Brian loves a challenge.

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