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Dallas, Texas – September 17, 2019 – Axiom Sales Force Development, a leader in sales performance improvement & acceleration, today announced that NexTech, an IT disposal & data security provider, has selected Axiom as a strategic business partner.  With a growing team of sales professionals and an ever-expanding business, NexTech needed to provide a consistent sales language & process, an impactful sales coaching framework and a highly effective prospect & client engagement model.

Brad Cohen, CEO shared: “At NexTech, it is critical to ensure our sales team is able to clearly articulate a differentiated message in what tends to be a crowded space with look-alike services and offerings. We must also understand our prospective client’s unique business challenges and also be willing to help them develop their decision-making criteria as a trusted advisor.  The relationship with our current clients is equally important as our growth model depends heavily on repeatable services.  Maintaining a client-first perspective over the long haul is critical to our success.  Axiom helps us accomplish all of these goals!”

Burton Training Group, LLC, lead by CEO Bob Nicols, will implement Axiom’s Consultative Selling Model, helping the team earn relationships with prospects and clients. NexTech will also benefit from utilizing Axiom’s GUIDE Sales Coaching Framework that transforms sales managers into sales leaders by giving them the tools necessary to effectively address gaps in hiring and performance, and continuously improve the effectiveness of their team’s selling behaviors. By combining these components, NexTech expects to double the size of their ITAD business the next two years.

About NexTech

As an R2-Certified data security provider, NexTech provides a fresh, business-centric approach to managing the lifecycle of technology assets. We are driven to help our clients make the most of their technology budget through our innovative offering of programs and services. Learn more at

About Axiom

At Axiom, our focus is precision sales coaching. Our selling and coaching models are award-winning and can transform your sales team into consultative sellers and precision coaches who see dramatically better sales results. Our selling and coaching models can be used with or without our native application, which gives added support and visibility into sales coaching, opportunity management, and account management. Over the past 25 years, we've learned why one-time sales training events are ineffective. Let us share our expertise and transform your sales team into one that delivers predictable and profitable results. Schedule an appointment to learn more at

Rick Smith, CEO

Rick is the CEO at Axiom Sales Force Development. His philosophy is centered around building a strong operational foundation and taking a proactive and results-driven approach to partner with clients to achieve success. Rick holds a bachelor’s degree in counseling and earned his master’s degree in human resources training and development. Prior to working in technology with companies like PeopleAnswers and Infor, he spent the first 15 years of his career working with families and children in the non-profit sector and now serves on the board of The Hope Clinic in his local community. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, working out, and listening to audiobooks or podcasts. Rick is passionate about continuous learning and improvement and helping others move from "I can't" to "I can".

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