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Ed McAdoo

Ed McAdoo
Ed McAdoo is a Guest Author for AXIOM. He is a 20 year veteran of the CRM and Sales Enablement industry with experience in a variety of highly successful private and public companies. Ed has worked with CRM systems from Siebel, Oracle, PeopleSoft and
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11 Jul by Ed McAdoo


At AXIOM Sales Force Development, at the end of any sales training exercise, we always ask, "What was the most significant thing you learned?" These are just a few of the recent responses we've received:



  • “Closing cannot be the objective of a meeting.”
  • “How to handle objections during negotiation.”
  • “How businesses make decisions.”
  • “How to communicate the positive impact [of our products] and how they deliver a positive impact to the [client].”
  • “There is a process for sales.”
  • “Everything I learned I can apply to my growth in the company.” “Elimination of pain is a strong motivator.”
  • “Always have an objective prior to a meeting.”
  • “That there are tools available to improve performance.”
  • “Positioning is everything. Be willing to give in order to gain and grow.”
  • “Align my objective with the customer’s.”
  • “To identify quality conversations with [clients] to identify needs.”
  • “The absolute importance of being prepared for a meeting and having as much information as possible about who you're meeting with prior to the meeting is critical to success.”

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20 Jun by Ed McAdoo

Have new buying behaviors resulted in prospects delaying direct engagement with sellers until later in their buying process?

Are you or your sales teams finding that when buyers do engage, their primary focus is on price and availability?

Are sellers rushing to propose solutions and contracts without really knowing how the buyer will determine which solution is best?

Buying behaviors are rapidly evolving, and this evolution may magnify holes in your existing sales methods. As simplified access to information is coupled with the social influence of online collaboration, stress is mounting and funnel volume is falling for many reps.

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15 Jun by Ed McAdoo

In this economy, businesses are doing everything in their power to maximize revenue while reducing expenses. This includes reducing time out of the field for training events.

While training mediums/modalities continue to evolve to support the need for virtual self-directed learning, training organizations are repackaging the "same old stuff" to fit the new mold of training.

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01 Jun by Ed McAdoo

The expression "Give the people what they want" is based on an old show business story that involves the funeral of a hated studio executive. Someone comments on the size of the crowd at the church, which causes another person to state, "Well, if you give the people what they want, they are sure to turn out."

Most sales training companies have adopted the "give the people what they want" approach. They meet with the company's Sales Executives and Leadership, listen to their needs, and then propose a solution based on precisely what management thinks they need.

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25 May by Ed McAdoo

Don't take ten years to learn how to get your sales process right.

It starts that first moment when someone approaches you. They randomly crossed your path, read or saw something about you, or were referred to you by an acquaintance. Either way, you go through the introductions, find commonalities, and do the assessment dance.

If everything goes smoothly, a date is set for a future meeting. There may be a reminder email, phone call, or a text to confirm the details: the who, what, when, and where. And if your life is like mine, you begin looking at your schedule, see things are piling up, more demanding issues are in need of your attention, and the unexpected happens, causing the date to be pushed back.

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