Accountability Partners and Step Goals – Key Elements to Effective Goal Setting

While sitting down to write this blog post, I was reminded of one of the best accountability partners I’ve had in quite a while – maybe ever. And for the record, I promise I’m not talking about myself since his name is also Brian.

The story I’m about to share happened a few years ago. Brian and I were training for a big team trail run and religiously got together for a morning workout four or five times a week at 4:05 a.m. But one morning, I wasn’t there to meet him. I must have turned my alarm off, or maybe I slept through it. Either way, I left him hanging.

Most people would have let it go, but Brian – a former Marine and helicopter pilot – used a key I had previously given him to our house (for emergencies only, mind you), crept into my bedroom with a blow horn, and let it rip. You can imagine my reaction, but my wife’s was more impressive. Rather than get mad at Brian, she was upset at ME because I failed to do what I was supposed to do. Brian was simply doing his job.

Whether personally or professionally, that’s the accountability partner you want when it comes to achieving your goals.

Speaking of goals, the folks here at Axiom know this is goal setting season. We want you to make the most of those goals, so the questions we train them to answer is, “How will we set achievable goals?” and “How do we get there?” The answer comes down to two key elements:

• Set short-term (or step) goals, and

• Find yourself a coach or accountability partner

Stepping your way to success

Goals without a plan are just dreams and end up like your New Year’s resolutions – broken and forgotten. You can avoid that pitfall by being micro-ambitious and focus on hitting smaller step goals throughout the year. For example: let’s say I want to achieve 20 percent growth in my sales by the end of 2019. The smart thing is to set a series of smaller daily and monthly goals. Once I achieve one marker, I’ll move on to the next one, and then the next. Those small wins add up.

Note: It’s OK if you miss a step goal along the way. Just because you miss one step doesn’t mean the larger goal is a loss – there’s still plenty of time to adjust and keep moving forward.

Who will hold your feet to the fire?

A goal becomes achievable only through your personal belief that you can get there and when you have created a clear outline of step goals. Having a coach or accountability partner along the way ensures you are staying on task.

Your accountability partner should see the value in your goal and be willing to help you attain it. Brian wasn’t just holding me accountable to that one run when I overslept. To prepare for the main goal, we set a goal to run four to five days a week and do other activities. Brian wasn’t going to let a bad habit like oversleeping take hold. I commend him – even if his tactics were super aggressive.

Learn How the Best Sales Leaders Set Goals

Next week's blog will dive into learning how to ensure your coach or accountability partner in the sales world is your best option. Sadly, most sales leaders are horrible coaches – and there’s a reason for it.

Brian Kludas, VP of Client Success

For the past 15 years, Brian Kludas has been directly involved in developing, executing, and managing sales excellence initiatives in a variety of industries. Brian's success has come through dedicated service to clients and a focus on improving seller and leader effectiveness through coaching and development. Having served in sales, sales leadership, operations, coaching, and training, Brian brings a unique blend of technical knowledge, program design, project management, and operational efficiency to the Axiom team. Brian is currently the Senior Director of Client Success. Brian is proud of the impact he makes on his clients' success. He's also proud of his accomplishments as a dedicated father, husband, and friend. Whether coaching youth sports, mountain biking, camping in the Arizona desert, being MC at community events, or even doing occasional stand up comedy routines, Brian loves a challenge.

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