Why We Are Different

At AXIOM, we're blowing up the old sales training business model. Why? Because it doesn't adequately serve either the clients who buy training or the customers they hope to sell and serve.

We're proud of the fact that we're not like any other sales development company you've encountered. In fact, there are three key differences that set us apart from the other sales training and development models on the market:

1. Focused on Impact

For far too long, sales training companies have focused excessive energy on getting “butts in seats”. According to some training models, every problem you face can be solved by simply sending your team to another sales training event.

At AXIOM, our fundamental approach has always been different. We won't try to sell you new programs because the real benefit of your investment is best realized by driving higher adoption and proficiency with what you already implemented

We work with our customers to analyze adoption and proficiency, even partnering with respected institutions like Western Michigan University to identify clear strategies to achieve the greatest possible ROI. Together, we overcome the real obstacles to change without requiring another “new” training event to realize sustained performance improvement.

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2. Breadth of Methodology

Some companies have frameworks for managing complex opportunities or key accounts. Others have skill-based models for engaging customers. Still others focus on a methodology for coaching and developing sales people.

AXIOM is unique in that we have complete solutions in all these areas. With AXIOM there is no need to splice together disparate sales training programs and manage multiple partners.

Our models cover every sales audience and every selling environment allowing your entire team to communicate more effectively and providing a clear development path from the most transactional to the most complex sales environment.

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3. Technology is Integral

Many sales training companies offer applications that promise to “integrate” their sales framework or model into your existing CRM. Unfortunately, these tools rarely leverage the full value of the CRM, let alone expand it.

At AXIOM, technology is an essential dimension of our process and development model. From our Opportunity Management Application to our Account Planning and Management Application to our GUIDE Sales Coaching Application, AXIOM tools drive adoption of the methodologies that improve sales performance and dramatically improve the value of your CRM. That's because technology isn't a part of the pitch, it is an integral part of the solution that drives learning, behavior and ultimately, sales results.

Sure, AXIOM applications enable better selling and coaching behaviors, but that's not all they do. AXIOM applications integrate with our world-class online Learning Library to create a cohesive sales enablement platform that delivers, tracks, triggers and even measures learning. With AXIOM technology get real data about the correlation between learning, behavior and results.

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