Better Training

Better Sales Training

A New Way to Train

The traditional approach to sales training is falling short. Why do we require sales team to sit through multi-day training sessions when they end up forgetting 80 percent of the material within 30 days? Like it or not, the current method simply fails to drive the level of behavioral change it takes to achieve measurable performance improvements.

AXIOM: Better Sales Performance Now

Instead of overwhelming people with information at training sessions, AXIOM fosters a continuous learning environment to drive better results and improved sales performance in real-time. We promote always-on, always engaged learning opportunities when your sales staff needs it the most – on the job.

AXIOM's approach to training is unique and is based on our world-class frameworks and methodologies that cover:

  • Prospecting and developing new opportunities
  • Qualifying opportunities
  • Presenting solutions
  • Handling objections and negotiations
  • Managing complex opportunities
  • Managing major accounts
  • Sales leadership and coaching

Our integrated learning model and technology frees up your sales teams' time, so they can focus on selling more. With the comprehensive Online Learning Library, sales managers and coaches can become constant learners and develop new skills more efficiently to help them close more business.

Drive Sustainable Behavior Change in Less Time

Everyone knows that behavioral change leads to improved sales results. If the objective of sales training is to change behavior, learning should be constant and integrated into the tools and cadence of your sales teams – not a static three-day event conducted once each year. That simply isn't how people learn and grow.

With AXIOM's Online Learning Library designed specifically for busy sales staff, your teams and managers will have access to an array of integrated learning exercises and resources that only take five to 30 minutes to complete, but drive real behavioral change and sales success.

Our Online Learning Library integrates with native applications, allowing access to contextual learning during normal activities, such as opportunity management, account management and coaching. Managers can even prompt and trigger learning opportunities for their sales staff through any of the applications.

See Sales Methodology and Learning Library for additional information.

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