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Bringing Learning Back into the Sales Cycle

AXIOM's cloud-based Learning Library is the only 24/7 on-demand resource center designed specifically for Salesforce.com users that delivers just-in-time learning and resources for better bottom line sales results.

Let's face it – selling is a performance profession. Whether you have entry-level people who are selling for the first time, or seasoned 20 year veterans, the success of your team and your company depends on their ability to execute BETTER than the competition. In a competitive environment the underlying skill and knowledge your people have may be the thing that give them an edge and provides your company with a sustainable competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the traditional hyper-intensive sales training events that a few days bombard reps with more information than they can possibly retain, let alone apply. The reality is real, sustainable behavior change that drives better sales execution can only be accomplished incrementally over an extended period.

That's where AXIOM's cloud-based Learning Library comes in. At the crux of AXIOM's proven sales methodology is the notion that integrated learning opportunities drive sustainable behavior changes, especially when key learnings are delivered in the context of actual selling activities. With AXIOM, your people don't leave their jobs to learn, learning becomes an integral part of their jobs. Better learning, better skills, better performance helps your sales team be your competitive advantage.

Learning Library Icon Make Learning Events Continuous inside of salesforce.com

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Rather than betting the bank on isolated sales training events, AXOM provides a technology-based, ongoing process that teaches sales people a radically different way to serve the customer. It's just-in-time delivery of our methodology that equips your sales pros with the tools and insights they need to help the customer make the right buying decision.

  • Put your team on Learning Tracks to turn sales training from events to continuous
  • AXIOM's learning is bite-sized consumable learning with most activities completed in 5-25 minutes
  • All learning activities are tracked, including evaluation and scoring so you know what people learned, not just what they completed
  • For the first time, companies can track knowledge acquired and skill improvement

Learning Library Icon Integrate Learning within Tools to Drive Adoption and Change

Coaching Assignments
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The most important benefit of AXIOM's approach is that sales contributors have 24/7/365 access to the tools that help them better manage opportunities and accounts AND integrated, contextual learning that helps them better engage their customers. Now when your people want to get better, they can do so quickly and easily and you know exactly what learning activities they are using. Because of this sales managers and executives can sleep a little easier knowing that their sales teams have the resources and training they need to close sales—exactly when they need it.

  • Contextual help is integrated throughout all AXIOM applications
  • Team members get real time training when they need it for reinforcement
  • Recommended learning can be launched directly from the help screen
  • All learning activities are tracked so you know what progress your people are making

Learning Library Icon Coaching Wizards – Turn Managers into Coaches

Coaching Wizard
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At AXIOM, we're on a quest to transform traditional selling solutions and sales training. We're the only sales performance provider to offer a holistic multi-platform methodology built to foster long term behavioral adoption and a continuously learning sales organization.

  • Industry-first coaching wizard leads managers through diagnosing performance gaps
  • Wizard pulls from entire learning library only those assignments that will address identified root cause
  • Click paths and assignments are tracked to provide information on coaching frequency and effectiveness
  • Coaching wizards are accessible to managers from Opportunity Management and Account Planning and Management Applications

Learning Library Icon Overcome the Forgetting Curve

Forgetting Curve
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Why send sales people to training session where they'll forget 80% within 30-60 days? With AXIOM, our convenient, cloud-based Learning Library reinforces your organization's sales methodology and guides salespeople and managers to highly interactive practice and refresh assignments based on the specific gaps they are experiencing at any given time in the sales process.

  • Learning Library includes sales call simulations that allow people to practice what they have learned, deepening their understanding and enhancing their ability to execute with customers
  • Learning activities can be completed in 5 to 25 minutes providing meaningful improvement even when your people are strapped for time.
  • With learning integrated into all applications, your people never have to search for help – this means less friction, more learning and better execution

For a private demonstration, give us a call at 1-800-933-8503.

Coaching Assignments
Coaching Wizard
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