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Sales Coaching Application GUIDE Sales Coaching

GUIDE Sales Coaching AXIOM's GUIDE Sales Coaching application helps all managers' coach and develop the skills of their people on a regular basis and provides information that shows how coaching, learning and selling behavior are actually impacting performance. Every coaching conversation is guided by a wizard that leads to the learning activity appropriate for each seller.

  • Success Plants with Actuals versus Goals
  • Coaching Wizards to Drive Conversations
  • Field Observations for sales call reviews, Opportunity Reviews, Etc...
  • Fully Integrated to Opportunity Manager, Accounting Planning and Management and the Online Learning Library

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Opportunity Manager Opportunity Manager

Opportunity Manager AXIOM's Opportunity Manager is a force.com native application that identifies customers’ decision stages, danger zones and actions needed to improve the win probability giving your sales team the ability to close deals and better serve existing customers.

  • Increase Forecast Accuracy
  • Highlights ‘Danger Zones’
  • Allows for Just-in-Time learning

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Account Planning and Management Account Planning and Management

Account Planning and Management AXIOM Account Planning and Management provides Salesforce.com users with a process and methodology to build and effectively execute an Account Plan. The system is automatically updated for simple, effective day-to-day administration and management to help your sales teams take a proactive approach to developing relationships with your most strategic accounts.

  • Facilitates the account planning process
  • Enables anytime, anywhere collaboration
  • Fully Integrated to Opportunity Manager and the Online Learning Library

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Online Learning Library Online Learning Library

Online Learning Library AXIOM Online Learning Library contains all the content to reinforce all the skills and behaviors needed to execute effectively. In this model, learning is bite-sized and ongoing. Fully integrated, anytime a sales person clicks a help icon in the applications, the exact learning that is appropriate for the activity is presented.

  • Learning Tracks with Full Tracking and Scoring
  • Fully-Integrated with the entire AXIOM Suite
  • Sales Training at your fingertips 24/7/365

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Sales Methodogies and Frameworks AXIOM's Sales Methodogies and Frameworks

AXIOM's Sales Methodogies and Frameworks AXIOM is radically different than every other training program or sales methodology you've ever seen. AXIOM has both framework for analyzing accounts and opportunities and methodologies for engaging customers and sellers to ensure better executing of framework/process.

From start to finish, our sales methodology offers a new way for Salesforce.com users to continuously educate sales teams and deliver an unparalleled level of service to the savvy buyers that populate today's competitive marketplace.

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Client Success Teams Client Success Teams

Client Success Teams At AXIOM, we don't just talk about your success—we deliver it. Our Client Success team supports your success by overseeing the customization, execution and success measurement of the product or service you have requested.

  • Liaisons between the client and AXIOM to oversee of program deployment
  • Leadership in change management initiatives
  • Identification of new opportunities to increase client success

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