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Better Coaching

Most people recognize that front-line sales managers are the pivot point necessary to drive much needed behavioral change in sales. So why do most coaching programs fail to equip managers with the tools and insight to become better coaches and transform their sales teams?

We'll let you in on our secret

Most sales managers want to be good coaches; they just don't know how. Becoming an effective coach requires managers to overcome a host of challenges. They need to be able to identify…

  • Performance gaps before they impact sales results

  • The root cause of the problem

  • Micro-learning assets to assign to the rep

Even if managers are able to get all of that done, they still have to keep up with coaching conversations, assignments, and follow up activities.

...and what about the executive team? Sales leaders have to find a way to hold managers accountable for actually coaching, tracking KPIs, and monitoring the overall effectiveness of the coaching program.

With the AXIOM Solution

  • Success plans ensure everyone has a mathematically valid plan to achieve sales goals. Sales managers can easily identify performance gaps and coaching opportunities to help sales reps make appropriate adjustments before it’s too late.

  • The Coaching Wizard helps sales managers identify performance gaps and focus on the root cause rather than the symptoms. Managers can easily assign relevant micro-learning assets to specifically target the skill gap and improve performance.

  • All conversations and assignments are tracked on a success plan page inside Salesforce.com. Sales leaders can easily review coaching dashboards and metrics that show which managers are the best coaches as well as managers who need further development.

AXIOM’s Inspired Coaching System is a proven framework that helps managers become great coaches.

The Guide to Sales Coaching from Axiom www.axiomsfd.com

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".. Due to the extensive training I had experienced over the previous 5 years, I was somewhat skeptical. However, after the first hour or so, it became very clear to me that I had just been introduced to a new level of selling. The most important keystones a salesperson can have is to have a clear understanding of how to help a customer (to solve a problem) and to also help the customer analyze the best solution..."
Tom Johnson
"...I dedicated myself to learning the AXIOM process and, as a result, I sold 5x what my company expected of me. As my career has progressed over the years I've remained a strong believer in the AXIOM process, and I am living proof of the positive impact it can have on sales results..."
Mike Chelsea
“AXIOM training is energetic, impactful, and interesting. The exercises are helpful as roadmaps to utilize in our own individual situations.”
John DeStefano

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