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21 Feb by Ray Bonis

I have a very common request from sales leaders.

Recently I was speaking with a client in Beijing. This manager said they really needed our help in the area of time management.

This got me thinking about other areas sales professionals need to focus on, and how they relate to time management.

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16 Feb by Ray Bonis

"Show me the money!"

Unlike Jerry Maguire, as sellers, this should be a well-placed, tactical question, not a desperate statement being screamed into a phone to save our last client.

Now granted, in the movie Tom Cruise wasn't really asking a question at all but trying to appease his quirky client. For sales professionals in the qualifying phase of the sales cycle, however, "Show me the money" is a critical question and translates into "Do you have the budget for this solution?"

Unfortunately, questions about budget seem to be among the most difficult to ask, but they are essential selling skills if we're going to work efficiently, bring value to our prospects, and qualify opportunities faster.

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14 Feb by Bob Nicols

If you haven't read CSO Insights' Sales Management Optimization Key Trends Analysis, you should. As always, it's a fascinating read.

One of my favorite reports begins with a quote shared at a CSO Summit by Jay Vanderbree, Senior Vice President, Home Entertainment Sales and Marketing at LG Electronics. He stated:

"The goal of sales leaders is to create more leaders, not followers."



Jay further qualified this statement by saying this was regardless of “role or rank” in the sales leadership hierarchy. If nothing else, this quote should cause us all to stop and think.

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09 Feb by Bob Sanders

According to Gartner, the Sales Performance Management space will have grown at more than 25% per year by 2018.

This means that companies will be spending roughly $5 Billion on tools to help their sales people deliver better results – this in addition to the approximately $35 Billion they will be spending on CRM solutions.

It’s a massive investment that will only yield a return commensurate with the competitive advantage gained, and therein lies the problem.

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07 Feb by Ray Bonis

Recently I put my instructor hat back on and did a six-week international tour spanning four continents.

I was expecting there would be some completely different selling environments than I'm used to in the USA, and while that did happen to a degree, I was far more shocked by how similar they are.

One of the things I have heard at least 2,549 times (yes, I do keep count) is, "This is all great Ray, but our buyers lie to us. It's different here."

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