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14 Nov by Suzanne Franks

The launch of a new product can be an exciting time for a company. Nearly every department has a role and expectations are high.

Leadership describes how sales of the new product will positively impact the company's future and help position the company strategically for long-term success. Excitement is palpable, except in sales, where the launch of the new product is usually accompanied by a newly raised quota.

Unfortunately, an all-too-common result of new product launches is that sales don't live up to those initial expectations. And it's not for lack of effort or product quality.

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07 Nov by Jimmy Gary

This article was guest written by AXIOM Sr. Instructor Jimmy Gary.

It was my first day at my new sales job and my manager (we'll call him Joe) showed me my new desk, complete with all the tools for success: A computer, a phone, and yes, even business cards.

Immediately I thought "Man how prepared are they? They even have my new business cards ready to go; boy have I chosen well or what?" The next words out of Joe's mouth will stick with me forever:

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31 Oct by Bob Sanders

In part one of our Sales AI Solutions series, we covered the many benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how sales results are produced based on the performance pyramid (see below).

Ultimately, we concluded that sales results are produced by selling behaviors, which are enabled by your sales reps’ skill and knowledge, which rests on a foundation of capacity and commitment. We call this the “causal chain”.

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24 Oct by Bob Sanders

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, may be the hottest topic in all of business – including sales. However, a quick look at what AI does, and how it does it, reveals important cracks in the story, promising AI will transform your sales performance and turn your team into world-beaters.

In order to separate the hype from the reality, it’s important to understand how AI works and the key ingredient to making it work for you and your team.

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17 Oct by Bob Sanders


Who’s the hero of your demo?

A VP of Sales Operations from a leading B2B technology provider started our conversation by telling me how proud she is of their newest technology and how cool it comes across during sales demos.

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