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19 Sep by Mike Bybee

Sales people are often told that the key to prospecting is to find business problems that haven't been solved yet, and then demonstrate how their products or services can solve them.

That's a simple concept, and it's difficult to argue with the logic behind it. It's one that's easy to forget, though, when leadership drives sellers to focus solely on the quantity of opportunities in the funnel, rather than the quality of those opportunities.

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20 Jul by Tony Lannom

When a rep pursues a sales opportunity there are four possible outcomes:

  1. They can win and win quickly
  2. Win but the opportunity takes a while to close
  3. Lose quickly
  4. Lose slowly, after investing considerable effort, energy and time

Surely everyone would agree that those opportunities that stay in the funnel for months if not years only to have the customer say the heartbreaking words "we went with someone else" or "we've decided to hold off for now" are extremely painful - losing deals slowly is the worst possible outcome.

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22 Jun by Bob Nicols

Most Sales Executives believe once the economy takes off, their revenue numbers will be once again achievable. Budgets will be funded, people will start buying, and happy days will be here again.

The economy is not a like a light switch that is either on or off. Economic downturns have broader consequences. And as conditions improve, it's critical for Sales Executives to recognize what has changed and adjust their selling strategies and approaches accordingly.

This is especially important when in a necessity-based economy.

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30 May by Bob Nicols

Let me rant for a few minutes. I know it's not my style, but I've been driven to the brink by two recent call center encounters that left me wondering whether or not I was being punked.

The following stories are true. The names have been changed to protect the less-than-innocent and, selfishly, both of these companies are excellent prospects for my company.


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09 May by Mike Bybee

"You're really just looking for problems that haven't been solved yet."

That was the advice of my first sales manager as to the best way to sell office products. It would constitute the bulk of what would pass for both sales and product training.

This was before I was turned loose to find customers whose office workers surely needed my company to deliver them from the grip of inferior office machines that were the source of their inefficiency and despair.

My first boss was always parsing out morsels like that one, as if from some sort of sales manager's PEZ dispenser. Another of his pearls that has stayed with me over the years is, "Timid sales people have skinny kids."

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