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05 Sep by Bob Sanders

Perhaps you recall the Seinfeld episode "Little Kicks" in which Elaine Benes dances at a party in a fashion George describes as a "full bodied dry heave set to music." To be sure, what Elaine lacked wasn't just a well orchestrated set of movements and perfect timing, but timing certainly compounded her general lack of ability. Which brings me to sales transformation.

Perhaps you've read our white paper on Sales Transformation and are considering a project for your organization. Or possibly, you're looking to improve results and sales transformation is one of several possible approaches you're evaluating to achieve this end.

Maybe you're simply curious about a term that is fast becoming one of the most talked about initiatives in business. Whatever the stage of your interest, you can quickly see that achieving trusted advisor status with your customers, and the corresponding impact on revenue and margins, involves more moving parts than Elaine's famed "little kicks" dance move. 

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27 Jul by Bob Sanders

Are you taking full advantage of the growth opportunities in your strategic accounts?

In theory, strategic accounts are true collaborative partnerships where both the customer and the sales organization are continually seeking ways to grow value...for both.

Yet too often the day-to-day urgent issues get in the way of “thinking beyond the moment” so you can work with these accounts to identify and jointly pursue  growth opportunities.  

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08 Jun by Bob Sanders

Check out Part 1 of this post here. In this post, we discuss why sales people don't input data into your CRM and the problems this causes.

In the final analysis, the reason people don’t enter data into the CRM is because the personal cost-benefit analysis is askew. Many companies have tried and failed to remedy this by administering negative consequences for non-compliance, which results in minimum compliance and bad data.

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06 Jun by Bob Sanders

Recently I've had a spate of discussions about information and a general lack thereof in the typical CRM.

To be clear, neither I nor the people I have been speaking with are suggesting that CRM solutions inherently lack information.

What everyone seems to agree on is that most CRMs have only a fraction of the prospect/customer information they could or should. Further, the consensus appears to be that this is because most sales people can’t or won’t populate information about their opportunities and accounts.

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16 Mar by Suzanne Franks

In order to change your sales results, you need to change your sales behavior.

I bet you've heard that before, and I bet you agree. However, changing behavior is hard, really hard, unless you've set the foundation to make it easy.

To help you out, here are five things you'll need that will absolutely, positively, make changing sales behavior easy.

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