Why You Don't Need Sales Training This Year

you dont need sales trainingAccording to Gartner, the Sales Performance Management space will have grown at more than 25% per year by 2018.

This means that companies will be spending roughly $5 Billion on tools to help their sales people deliver better results – this in addition to the approximately $35 Billion they will be spending on CRM solutions.

It’s a massive investment that will only yield a return commensurate with the competitive advantage gained, and therein lies the problem.

Better Tools Don’t Always Produce Better Results

While it makes sense that equipping your team with the latest CPQ solution or sales enablement technology will allow them to perform better, for the most part, these tools improve sales EFFICIENCY not sales EFFECTIVENESS.

While they help people get information they need faster, they don’t necessarily help them engage customers in a more effective manner, and it's this engagement that is at the very heart of sales effectiveness.

To improve sales engagement, we must develop the skill and knowledge of the sellers. Otherwise, we are providing state-of-the-art weaponry to soldiers who don’t know how to use it!

Sales Training is Not the Answer

It would stand to reason that combining high-quality sales training with the latest sales enablement or SPM technologies would lead to a competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, most companies have years, if not decades of practical experience that supports reams of study data proving that traditional, event-based sales training simply doesn’t work for the majority of sales people.

While a small percentage will apply what they learn from attending these events, as many as 90% will get no lasting value for the time they invest in training – time not spent selling


Key to Sustainable Advantage is Sustainable Improvement

The good news is that there is a better approach – one that can deliver a sustainable advantage.

By leveraging your existing CRM to support sales effectiveness AND trigger, deliver and measure ongoing learning and development, you can simultaneously improve the efficiency AND effectiveness of your people.

Today there is technology available that helps sales people better manage opportunities and accounts and increase their win rates, while simultaneously helping sales managers have more effective coaching conversations and improve the underlying skill and knowledge of their team.

Moreover, all this can be accomplished without taking them out of the field for classroom training and for about the same investment as a single training event!

Yes, we're talking about better learning, better coaching, and better selling. Click on the button below to learn how you can leverage your CRM to better train your sales people.

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Bob Sanders

Bob Sanders has more than 25 years experience in sales, sales management, and marketing. Bob has served as President and CEO of AXIOM Sales Force Development since 2006. His passion about sales behavior and coaching helps develop people into their best selves. Since Bob joined AXIOM as a partner in the fall of 1993, he's helped dozens of companies around the world generate hundreds of millions in additional revenue. Bob holds a degree in Marketing from Miami University. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous corporate events and industry conferences. He is a founding underwriter and frequent contributor to the Sales Management Association. He co-authored AXIOM's “Selling Sciences Program™” workbook and audio program, and is a contributor on "A Journey to Sales Transformation". When Bob is not advocating on behalf of buyers and sellers worldwide, he is an avid cyclist, father, and husband.

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