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25 Jul by Bob Nicols

It's time for you to present your solution to your prospect.

You've already:

  • Qualified your opportunity
  • Done additional research to uncover a broader base of impact on your prospect's business with your products and services
  • Arranged for participation in the presentation by your engineers and sales manager (there are three segments you will address during your presentation; in simple terms they are Products/Services, Pricing and Support).

As you're preparing your materials, you realize you have to make a decision as to the order in which these three sections will be presented.

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20 Jul by Tony Lannom

When a rep pursues a sales opportunity there are four possible outcomes:

  1. They can win and win quickly
  2. Win but the opportunity takes a while to close
  3. Lose quickly
  4. Lose slowly, after investing considerable effort, energy and time

Surely everyone would agree that those opportunities that stay in the funnel for months if not years only to have the customer say the heartbreaking words "we went with someone else" or "we've decided to hold off for now" are extremely painful - losing deals slowly is the worst possible outcome.

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18 Jul by Tony Lannom

Imagine being a professional athlete in the heat of battle and not performing at your best. To make matters worse, the scoreboard reflects you're falling significantly behind your competition.

As you walk to the sideline, you anxiously await insightful coaching to pull you out of your slump to help turn the game around. Unfortunately, what you receive are harsh words from the coach along with a directive offering you nothing more insightful than "you better score more points or you are going to lose".

Sounds crazy, huh? And it probably wouldn't happen that way in reality because professional coaches are acutely aware of the fact that behavior produces results and capacity, commitment, skill, and knowledge drive behavior. They know this and provide feedback accordingly.

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13 Jul by Mike Crocker

Just the other day I was riding through the woods with a buddy of mine. As far as cycling is concerned, there are two main influences in my life. First, my father who taught me how to ride a bike and, second, my friend who taught me how to race.

Mountain biking used to be a lot more competitive for both my friend and me when we were racing, however, these days it's just a way to try to stay in shape. While the days of racing may be behind us, our passion for riding remains.

As we turned the corner, we came across a husband and wife out for a similar ride. I had seen the man before on the trails, but we had never spoken more than just to say hello to one another.

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11 Jul by Ed McAdoo


At AXIOM Sales Force Development, at the end of any sales training exercise, we always ask, "What was the most significant thing you learned?" These are just a few of the recent responses we've received:



  • “Closing cannot be the objective of a meeting.”
  • “How to handle objections during negotiation.”
  • “How businesses make decisions.”
  • “How to communicate the positive impact [of our products] and how they deliver a positive impact to the [client].”
  • “There is a process for sales.”
  • “Everything I learned I can apply to my growth in the company.” “Elimination of pain is a strong motivator.”
  • “Always have an objective prior to a meeting.”
  • “That there are tools available to improve performance.”
  • “Positioning is everything. Be willing to give in order to gain and grow.”
  • “Align my objective with the customer’s.”
  • “To identify quality conversations with [clients] to identify needs.”
  • “The absolute importance of being prepared for a meeting and having as much information as possible about who you're meeting with prior to the meeting is critical to success.”

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