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11 Jul by Ed McAdoo


At AXIOM Sales Force Development, at the end of any sales training exercise, we always ask, "What was the most significant thing you learned?" These are just a few of the recent responses we've received:



  • “Closing cannot be the objective of a meeting.”
  • “How to handle objections during negotiation.”
  • “How businesses make decisions.”
  • “How to communicate the positive impact [of our products] and how they deliver a positive impact to the [client].”
  • “There is a process for sales.”
  • “Everything I learned I can apply to my growth in the company.” “Elimination of pain is a strong motivator.”
  • “Always have an objective prior to a meeting.”
  • “That there are tools available to improve performance.”
  • “Positioning is everything. Be willing to give in order to gain and grow.”
  • “Align my objective with the customer’s.”
  • “To identify quality conversations with [clients] to identify needs.”
  • “The absolute importance of being prepared for a meeting and having as much information as possible about who you're meeting with prior to the meeting is critical to success.”

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06 Jul by Bob Nicols

Over the years, New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin has been maligned for being a strict disciplinarian. He's been called Colonel Coughlin, a strict setter and reinforcer of rules and guidelines only military veterans could comprehend and appreciate.

It should be no surprise that Coach Coughlin, when at 65 was the oldest coach to ever win a Superbowl, has been known to have difficulty relating to, connecting, and communicating with younger players.

If you're four minutes early to Colonel Tom's meetings, the coach considers you late. Tom doesn't appear to be a "player's" coach. He has been faulted for being a compliance manager, which means he gives an order, HIS order, and failure to obey results in negative consequences.

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04 Jul by Bob Nicols

I have a list of blog topics that I work from each week. If you've been following me, you know it includes topics like sales forecasting, sales process, sales management and coaching.

So, per usual, I referred to this trusty document this morning for direction and inspiration. I see the words, "4th of July related content." I stared at my monitor, then back at the topic, then back at my monitor.

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29 Jun by Bob Sanders

Another NFL season is fast approaching, and as the teams prepare for mini camps I'm wondering whether or not we will hear about any conversations like this:

Coach #1: "Glad we have Tom Brady returning for another season Coach. How about you?"

Coach #2: "Absolutely, veteran player, with that much success means we won't need to spend much time and energy on him."

Coach #1: "Exactly! I love it when the owner brings in veterans who have already proven they can throw, catch, tackle and block. Really nothing left for us to do but motivate them and work with the rookies."

Coach #2: "No doubt! Should be a great season!"

In this context, such a conversation between two coaches seems completely absurd. Unfortunately, in sales this mentality is commonplace. In fact, similar conversations actually do occur. Why?

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27 Jun by Ray Bonis

I'm a bit hesitant to admit it, but I was always rooting for Wile E. Coyote. You remember him right, the poor beast who spent years trying to catch the Roadrunner, generally failing in dramatic fashion.

Then, in the final episode of the cartoon, after two decades of trying, he finally did catch the crafty bird and his last action was to hold up a sign saying:

"Okay wise guys, you always wanted me to catch him. Now what do I do?"



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