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17 Oct by Bob Sanders


Who’s the hero of your demo?

A VP of Sales Operations from a leading B2B technology provider started our conversation by telling me how proud she is of their newest technology and how cool it comes across during sales demos.

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10 Oct by Bob Sanders

Relationships. That hard-to-quantify thing that almost every salesperson knows is key to their long-term success. Yet, customer relationships that don’t at some point produce transactions aren’t fruitful for any rep.

Customer relationships that don’t produce transactions are usually called something different. We call them “friendships”. Friends are of course a wonderful thing, but they’re not necessarily what salespeople are paid to develop.

So here is a question to ask when assessing the type of transactions produced by your customer relationships:

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03 Oct by Bob Nicols

If you've followed our blogs, read articles we've written, or picked up a copy of our book, "The Journey to Sales Transformation," you know how we feel about the sales profession.

We have a tremendous amount of respect for those who do it well and for the right reasons. You know we believe that salespeople who chase deals, commission checks or quota attainment are chasing the wrong things. You know we believe the amount of money we make is dependent on the amount of impact we have on other people's lives.

As it turns out, we're not alone in believing that the purpose for our sales career, or the "why we sell," will have as much or more impact on our success than what we sell or how we go about doing it. In fact, why we sell may even dictate what and how we sell and will certainly define the perception customers have of us.

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26 Sep by Bob Sanders

I still remember the conversation as if it happened just this week. It was the second day of a three-day workshop when one of my students came in early. I was setting up the classroom when Mary (not her real name) asked if she could speak with me.

"Of course, what's up?" I said, expecting to hear her ask to be excused early for a customer meeting since that's the most common reason students ask to speak with me before class begins.

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19 Sep by Mike Bybee

Sales people are often told that the key to prospecting is to find business problems that haven't been solved yet, and then demonstrate how their products or services can solve them.

That's a simple concept, and it's difficult to argue with the logic behind it. It's one that's easy to forget, though, when leadership drives sellers to focus solely on the quantity of opportunities in the funnel, rather than the quality of those opportunities.

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