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Bob Nicols

Bob Nicols
Bob Nicols has 34 years of experience in sales, sales management, executive management and sales force development. He founded Burton Training Group, now AXIOM Sales Force Development, in 1990 after being a top and highly recognized performer in sales, sales management and executive positions within the technology sector. He has managed and mentored thousands of sales people, sales managers and senior managers and been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. For more than 21 years he has developed and delivered sales programs that have become the standard for many Fortune 100 companies including AT&T, BellSouth, Disney Enterprises, Alltel, Verizon and ESPN. AXIOM programs have been implemented in over 30 countries including Japan, the UK, Germany, Dubai, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, China, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Slovakia, Sweden, and The Netherlands. Bob's highly energetic and insightful lectures and workshops have resulted in invitations to be a featured presenter at dozens of national and international sales meetings and conferences. He is a trusted advisor to the presidents and senior managers of multiple organizations, both large and small and has been a board member of a national technology company. Bob is the developer of AXIOM's “Selling Sciences ProgramTM” and co-author of the “Selling Sciences” CD series.
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15 Aug by Bob Nicols

For the first hour of my flight home I was engrossed in a conversation with a senior account executive from a technology company. It was, at least for a while, a rather pleasant conversation.

We discussed the rise of Apple (both of us carried iPads and iPhones), the economy, travel, summer plans, kids and shared overviews of our respective careers. We had some laughs about our early days in sales and lamented about the passing of "the good old days."

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08 Aug by Bob Nicols

I'm certain many of you can relate to this: After enjoying success as a salesperson, I was approached by my company with a promotion to sales management. From the company's perspective, the logic was clear: They knew me, I knew the company and their products and services, I had a decent relationship with my co-workers, and most importantly to them, I could sell.

For me, not only was my ego stroked, I was planting my feet firmly on the next rung of the corporate career ladder. I accepted the offer quickly. When I asked for a job description, I was told that there were no significant changes in my responsibilities. My boss was very matter of fact. "It's simple. You still have to hit your targets, except now they are multiplied by the six salespeople you're responsible for. And you know those weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports you so hate? Well, you're responsible for those, too."

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25 Jul by Bob Nicols

It's time for you to present your solution to your prospect.

You've already:

  • Qualified your opportunity
  • Done additional research to uncover a broader base of impact on your prospect's business with your products and services
  • Arranged for participation in the presentation by your engineers and sales manager (there are three segments you will address during your presentation; in simple terms they are Products/Services, Pricing and Support).

As you're preparing your materials, you realize you have to make a decision as to the order in which these three sections will be presented.

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06 Jul by Bob Nicols

Over the years, New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin has been maligned for being a strict disciplinarian. He's been called Colonel Coughlin, a strict setter and reinforcer of rules and guidelines only military veterans could comprehend and appreciate.

It should be no surprise that Coach Coughlin, when at 65 was the oldest coach to ever win a Superbowl, has been known to have difficulty relating to, connecting, and communicating with younger players.

If you're four minutes early to Colonel Tom's meetings, the coach considers you late. Tom doesn't appear to be a "player's" coach. He has been faulted for being a compliance manager, which means he gives an order, HIS order, and failure to obey results in negative consequences.

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04 Jul by Bob Nicols

I have a list of blog topics that I work from each week. If you've been following me, you know it includes topics like sales forecasting, sales process, sales management and coaching.

So, per usual, I referred to this trusty document this morning for direction and inspiration. I see the words, "4th of July related content." I stared at my monitor, then back at the topic, then back at my monitor.

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