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23 Mar by Mike Bybee

I love watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I sometimes find myself glued to games in which I couldn’t tell you the city or state where one of the schools is located. (I’m still not sure where Gonzaga is and they seem to be in the bracket every year.)

I'll watch two teams playing a game in March that I would have clicked right on by in January. There is just something about the tournament’s “one-and-done” format that makes even games between #1 and #16 seeds compelling.

Beyond the games themselves, I find myself drawn to the personalities surrounding them: The announcers, analysts, sideline reporters, and especially the coaches. I like being able to hear what the coaches actually say to players during timeouts and in the locker room. Occasionally, television gives us a glimpse into the locker room and captures coaching at its very essence.

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21 Mar by Mike Bybee

The other day while perusing a few of the sites Google told me would keep me abreast of what sales managers were thinking about (other than this one, of course), I came upon an article that piqued my interest.

It seems that the University of Texas Arlington was about to offer courses towards a certificate in sales. The certificate would become part of the University's marketing department curriculum but would not be mandatory for marketing majors.

Wanting more information, I contacted UTA Associate Professor of Marketing, Jorge Jaramillo. He explained:

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16 Mar by Suzanne Franks

In order to change your sales results, you need to change your sales behavior.

I bet you've heard that before, and I bet you agree. However, changing behavior is hard, really hard, unless you've set the foundation to make it easy.

To help you out, here are five things you'll need that will absolutely, positively, make changing sales behavior easy.

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14 Mar by Bob Sanders

"Practice, we talkin' about practice here..."

That was Iverson's now infamous response in 2002 to a reporter's question concerning his level of effort during practice. To many, Mr. Iverson's response is one of the most entertaining few minutes in NBA interview history.

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09 Mar by Ed McAdoo

Imagine that you've realized 50% of your sales team doesn't hit their sales target on a monthly basis. Even your top seller's performance is erratic at best.

You come to the conclusion that the only way you are going to get your team to hit quota regularly is if you invest in a sales training methodology that will create a repeatable process for them to get consistent results.

A good sales skills course will include a process for prospecting for new business, effectively qualifying an opportunity, presenting solutions in a compelling manner and handling objections and negotiations.

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