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01 Dec by Ed McAdoo

I started this morning just like any other: With a cup of coffee in hand, I began reading my emails. The first email I came across began with the statement "Product training is the most important aspect of sales training."

While I wasn't interested in the free webinar the email was offering, the statement evoked a thought: Is product training more important than sales training?

Many organizations invest money, time and effort into product training: Teaching sales people all about the products and services they sell. Perhaps as a direct result of this effort, we often find sales people spending the bulk of their time attempting to pitch their products and services to prospective customers.

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29 Nov by Bob Nicols

"To a man with an ax," says an old African proverb, "everything looks like a tree."

A corollary observation might be: "If you've got an ax in your hand, all you notice is trees." That's fine if your customer's problem is trees that need chopping. If it's something else - anything else - approaching him with an ax might not be your best strategy.

There is a tendency for salespeople investigating an opportunity to focus first, and often exclusively, on problems they know their company is specifically equipped to solve.

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24 Nov by Ed McAdoo

How do you get a sales team to execute on their commitments?

Throughout my years of coaching sales managers, this is one of the most common questions I hear, and with good reason. It is arguably the most critical issue facing most sales managers.

I have to say, this always impresses me as a rather loaded question. Countless blogs, papers and even entire books have been written on this very subject.

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22 Nov by Ray Bonis

As I sat in a meeting with a prospect, the conversation started morphing. His voice began hitting my ears like the sound Charlie Brown's teacher made, "Wa wa waa, wa waa, wa wa wa waa."

It was obvious from the very beginning of the conversation that this person wanted us all to know he knew more than we did. The problem therein was twofold. First, he didn't. Second, in the end, he was a prospect. Therefore, the first problem was fairly moot.

We've all had calls like this, probably hundreds of them, if not more. If we really want to be honest, we've been on the other side too. Come on...admit it. You've been the know-it-all at some point in your life as well. Since I can't come right out and correct this bad behavior, I'll instead try to make my case.

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17 Nov by Ed McAdoo
  1. Work Harder
  2. Work Faster
  3. Work Longer
  4. Work Together
  5. Work when you work
  6. Work using Pareto Principle
  7. Work using similar tasks at a time

This is the list I read this morning: best practices on how to increase sales success. It seems so obvious. If only I work harder, longer, and faster doing what I am already doing, everything will work out. Right?

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